Our Vegan Crème Brûlée is Food Product of the year

According to Gault&Millau, the future of gastronomy stands or falls with innovation.That is why the guide awards culinary entrepreneurs who dare to take a leap into the dark. More than one hundred persons and organisations were selected as candidates for an award, but only ten were able to cash in on their nomination.

Our Vegan Crème Brûlée, without added sugars, was rewarded with the 'Product Food Award 2022'.

This vegan crème brûlée is made of vegetable ingredients and without added sugars. As a result, it fits perfectly into a lactose-free diet and is suitable for diabetics.

The crème brûlée has the well-known creamy mouth feel of the classic variant and is flavoured with real Madagascar (bourbon) vanilla. We have also developed a sugar substitute 'Sweetess', which can be sprinkled over the crème brûlée and burnt off afterwards.

Simply defrost, burn off and serve.

We were also very honoured to serve the desserts at the event. We served a delicious taco and yoghurt crème brûlée. You can find the recipes of these desserts via the following links: Taco - Crème Brûlée. Both desserts were developed on the basis of New Tex, a collaboration with Food Revolution By Didess.

Pictures by Pieter D'Hoop

More news about this event and an overview of all winners: https://www.gaultmillau.be/nl/nieuws/gaultmillau-presenteert-de-culinary-innovators-award-winnaars-van-2022