Mini Quiche Mediterranean

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Mini Quiche Mediterranean

Artisan and very richly filled Belgian quiches. Based on fresh cream, spinach, goat-cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Instructions for use

Bake mini quiches at 180°C, thawed +/-10 minutes, frozen +/-15 minutes. For quick preparation, place the quiches in the microwave and then briefly under the broilerServe the quiches for luch in combination with a fresh salad, cutted into pieces as an appetizer or as a garniture with a main dish.

Storage advise

Store at -18°C. After thawing, store maximum 8 days at 0 to 4°C. Never refreeze products that have been thawed.


black box
30 g / pc
15 pc
310 x 240 x 43
Mini Quiche Mediterranean