About us

As the driving force behind Didess, Dirk Peeters has been making delicious, high-quality traditional Belgian biscuits for the hospitality industry for over 20 years. As a pastry chef, he is also highly respected for his creativity, which is reflected in the Grand Decor Collection. Together with Carl Wens, he developed original Kroepoek in a variety of colours and flavours. Together with Carlos Deleye, he is one of the founders of Frozen Elements, a creative dessert solution for chefs made up of over 50 different building blocks, including various quenelles of mousse, parfait or cremeux, sferas, sponge cakes, crumbles and meringues, all made according to recipes by Best Pastry Chef 2017 Roger van Damme.

Didess' top goal is to share inspiration, creativity and expertise with chefs at home and abroad, which has resulted in a rich variety of artisanal and innovative products born from the art and passion of the craft and prepared with the utmost care and expertise.

Since 2005, Didess has been operating in a brand new 6000 m² bakery that will continue to meet the strictest European standards well into the future. In order to be able to meet these requirements and standards, which serve to safeguard our hygiene and your product, Didess earned the crucial IFS certificate in 2008. A team of more than 35 patissiers and employees are available day and night to prepare your orders with the necessary care and expertise.

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